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Youth Development Fund, Inc (YDF). is a non-profit general assistance fund for educational program and services for children.

YDF supports an educational program concerning drug abuse, health and fitness; presents festival events for children and the general public; produces and distributes Public Service Announcements regarding child-family relationships; and pursues all other related purposes allowed to non-profit corporations by the laws in the State of Tennessee.

The goal is to have every school that has access to computers and the Internet to be able to access our educational programs. The home page has been aggressively promoted throughout the Internet by various search engines and linked to as many different sites as possible.

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December 2013
Total Program Services are $3,632,036.

March 2012
YDF sent $2,629,450 in medical supplies and clothing to Guatemala

March 2011
YDF sent $2,228,876 in medical supplies to Honduras and Guatemala  

Oct 2010
YDF sent $1,991,500 in medical supplies to Haiti, Guatemala and Honduras

Aug 2009
YDF has shipped $1,245,872.81 in medical supplies to Mission Evangelque Melchissedeck in Haiti

July 2009
YDF has shipped $603,369.69 in medical supplies, personal hygiene items and other relief supplies suitable for the development of children and their families in Guatemala. Shipment went to Organizaction Christianna de Beneficio.

Feb 2009
YDF provided $5,000 each to the Ronald McDonald House, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and East TN Children's Hospital.


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